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Welcome to the place that is designed for one purpose: To Improve YOUR Trading and Increase YOUR Trading Profits.

The whole purpose of this website and my Free Trading Guide, and my upcoming Book is to give you the tools and strategies to be able to trade successfully year after year after year…

I have experienced a large number of employment and business situations. I have read accounts of dozens of others. Of all of these there is one and only one that is pure. By pure I mean that at the end of the day there is no doubt about the result of your efforts. In fact the result stares at you in black and white.

There are no employers to tell you how to do it. There are no employees to train and supervise. There are no overheads. There are no excuses. There is just you, your decision making and the result.

There is no advertising, no answering the phone, no customers, no inventory, no database, no marketing, no cold-calling, no bad debts, no set hours, no set schedule. Just you, your decisions and the result.

Even better than that, you are playing a giant game with players all over the world. When you get good enough to win regularly you get paid – a lot!

And it gets even better. The game is so vast and covers so many possibilities that you can choose which sub-game you want to play. So you can choose a part of it that fits with your personality, with your strengths, with your sleep patterns, with your timeframes and your thresholds, using strategies that suit you. While there are some basic rules of play, you can develop entirely your own personal rules to win the game!

It’s the purest game of all and you can make a living or a fortune playing it.

What is the name of this game?


Here is a list of some of the markets you can trade:

  • Currencies
  • Equities (Stocks)
  • Bonds
  • Interest rates
  • Agricultural Commodities e.g. coffee, wheat, beef
  • Metals e.g. copper, iron
  • Precious metals e.g. gold, platinum
  • Indices (indexes) which measure a group of products e.g. a stock index, or a commodity index.
Here is a list of some of the ways you can trade these:
  • Outright purchase or sale
  • On margin (you put up a small amount of money to be able to trade with a much larger amount)
  • Via futures
  • Via options (many different types)
Here is a list of the timeframes you can use:
  • Intraday (getting in and out within one day)
  • A few days
  • A number of weeks
  • A number of months
  • A number of years
You can use a combination of any of the above depending on your personality and your circumstances.

Just like any game, the greater your level of skills and experience, the better you will do.
Trading is a wonderful way to supplement your income and it fits into just about any lifestyle. If you have a computer, the internet, a phone and access to a minimum of a few thousand dollars you can start trading.